Cutting-Edge Social Media Trends in 2014

Business of Graphic Design, Marketing, Social Media


It is hard to deny the importance of social media platforms in accomplishing marketing objectives. You have heard marketers and designers tout the necessity of social media for years. But how is the role of social media evolving in 2014?

One of the most important social evolutions is the importance of visual content on the web. It is significantly enhancing customer interest. Statistics show that the market spends more time on Pinterest and Tumblr than all of the other social media platforms combined.

How do you leverage this evolution in your own social capital? You incorporate visual content into all of your social media strategy. You need to add a clever photo into every one of your blog posts. You need to participate in real-time photo sharing. The market is inundated with staged photos of products constantly. Impromptu photos cut through the noise and garner attention.

I have heard a multitude of griping on how Pinterest is infringing on copyright laws and some creatives are refusing to take part in the trend. I would say allow others to use your images on these platforms but include a link back to your site. Another option would be to put your name on the image so when it circulates; individuals connect the work with the source.

Another form of visual content is video. Vine and YouTube are taking the main stage. YouTube is the second-largest search engine second only to Google. Post videos: interviews, how-tos, Q&As, etc. to reach a wider audience and keep up with the visual content evolution.

Have you heard of a meme? A meme is an idea, behavior or style that passes from person to person within a culture. It can take the form of an image, link, video, etc. Memes are popular on Tumblr but make sure they are funny and directed at your market audience.

Google+ is another platform that will gain traction in 2014. Marketers are using it to build SEO rather than as a tool to connect to their audience. Google+ needs to be given high priority in 2014.

Though it is important to continue posting on the Facebook and Twitter platforms of the world. It is necessary to adjust your social media strategy to keep up with the pace in 2014.


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